Ankle Sprains & Strains

Your ankles are put under a lot of stress while you stand on them all day. Sprained ankles, or ankle strains, occur when unnatural twisting or stretching occurs in your ankle. These injuries can be painful and proper healing can prevent a lifetime of injuries. We want you to understand what brings on the discomfort, so you can learn ways to avoid it or get the treatment you need.

Sprained ankle, Ankle & Foot Specialist of NJHow Can I Tell If My Ankle Is Sprained?

There are several symptoms.

  • You may feel initial jolts of pain after twisting your ankle.
  • Your ankle may swell in size, making your shoes uncomfortable.
  • There may be bruising along your shoe line.

Diagnosing Your Ankle Pain

Dr. Thapar will perform an exam and move your ankle to check your range of motion and determine which ligaments have been affected. If your case seems severe, visual tests such as X-Rays or an MRI may be ordered to rule out a fracture or chipped bone. This will be necessary to determine the correct diagnosis and course of treatment.

Help for Your Heel Pain in Warren and South Plainfield, NJ

After your ankle is properly diagnosed, Dr. Thapar will develop a treatment plan that works best for your ankle injury. Upon injury, you should begin applying the RICE protocol (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). Limit movement as much as possible, and use a brace or crutches as instructed by your doctor. In severe cases, surgery may be required to correct your injury.

Our Focus is on You

When you come in for evaluation and treatment, we will not just examine your foot and ankle. We want to get to know you, because healing from foot problems is a team effort. We can diagnose what’s wrong and prescribe treatment, but you need to follow through with home care and any follow-up appointments to heal properly.

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