Treatment Options for Heel Pain

What is plantar fasciitis? Ever stepped out of bed with severe pain in the heel? Or your heels hurt for a little while when you first stand up and start walking? This type of heel pain is one of the most common foot ailments in the world. It...

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What Can I Expect from Bunion Surgery?

What is a bunion? It is an enlargement of bone at the big toe joint and/or misalignment of the big toe joint causing the toe to change angles. As the deformity progresses, the big toe turns in towards the second toe and can either rest over or...

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Ankle Rehabilitation Exercises

Ankle sprains are common injuries that can lead to lifelong issues if not healed properly. Rehabilitation exercises are vital to the recovery process and are instrumental to prevent recurring and ongoing ankle problems. As soon as your doctor...

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Remedies for Hammertoe

Have you recently noticed a change in the appearance of your toes? Hammer toes can occur when one of your toes begins to bend unnaturally at the middle joint. This is caused by imbalance of muscles and tendons in your toes. This conditioned is...

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Developing Better Walking Habits

Walking is a great form of easy exercise, whether it’s a leisurely stroll around the park or a fast-paced walk around a track. There are some steps and precautions you should take in order to get the most out of walking, without causing injury...

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Bunion Pain Remedies to Try at Home

Bunion pain is easily relieved, though more difficult to resolve. Bunions occur when the bones in your big toe misalign, causing the toe to change angles. The big toe turns in towards the second toe and can either rest over or under the smaller...

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Myles Garrett’s Injured Foot

Myles Garrett plays American football for the Cleveland Browns in the National Football League. He recently suffered a foot injury during minicamp which forced him to the sidelines toward the end of the practice session. He was ultimately diagnosed with lateral ankle...

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Common foot Problems for Diabetics

Diabetes is a metabolic diseases caused by high levels of sugar in the blood over a prolonged period of time. Symptoms include frequent urination, increased thirst and increased hunger. Dangers for foot problems exist especially when dealing with wounds. Our feet are...

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The Best Shoes for Diabetic Patients

It would be difficult to capture all the ways the Internet has changed life as we know it, including the effect it has had when it comes to do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Once upon a time, you would have to rely on books or knowledge passed along to know how to, say,...

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