MicroVas Therapy Treats Multiple Foot Issues

Feet with a scenic backgroundThere seem to be constant medical breakthroughs and new modalities for treating serious problems, but not all of them are equally effective. At Ankle and Foot Specialist of New Jersey, we are happy to offer one that has had amazing success in recent decades. We use MicroVas therapy for various conditions from sports injuries to diabetic neuropathy, and the results are impressive.

The Tech behind the Therapy

Microvascular therapy originated in the late 1980s as a treatment for hypothermia in Navy Seals. It basically uses electromagnetic current to do three things:

  • Stimulate contractions in the venous muscle pump (the mechanism that propels blood through blood vessels in your extremities).
  • Increase oxygen supplied to your cells with better blood flow through your limbs.
  • Increase angiogenesis (the healing and building of capillaries).

The pads that emit the current are placed opposite each other (top and bottom of foot, left and right side of calf, etc.) so the current passes completely through the tissue, not just to a certain depth. The result is an increase in blood flow to the entire calf and foot. This allows your body to deliver antibiotics to the wounded areas more effectively, too.

MicroVas Therapy Treats Many Conditions

Imagine all the problems that can benefit from more efficient blood flow to your feet. We use it to treat:

  • Foot TreatmentPeripheral Neuropathy – This nerve damage can result from an injury, diabetes, or other conditions and cause either pain or a lack of sensation in your lower limbs. The therapy works to regenerate nerve tissue and can cause a return of normal function.
  • Circulation Issues – Poor blood flow can cause your feet to feel cold, look blue, or heal slowly. This treatment form can stimulate your blood to flow more freely and help your body form new capillaries in areas that are damaged. Your skin becomes healthy and pink as fresh oxygen flows into the area and regenerates your cells.
  • Diabetic Wounds – These non-healing foot ulcers sometimes don’t respond to other treatments like debridement and medicated bandages. The healing properties of this therapy can help prevent amputations caused by wounds that become infected, do not get better, or result in tissue death.
  • Sports Injuries – Even fractures can benefit from MicroVas, since it stimulates bones to resorb damaged tissue and lay down new bone where it is needed.
  • Pain Relief – As tissues heal, pain recedes, leading to better sleep patterns and healthier limbs overall.

Where Can I Find This Treatment in New Jersey?

Dr. Jyotsna Thapar offers this effective and innovative treatment at Ankle and Foot Specialist of New Jersey. We have three locations in Hillsborough, Edison and Warren. We are your one-stop help for all things feet. From ingrown toenails to heel pain to serious nerve problems, we have the expertise to diagnose what’s wrong and find the best treatment.

Call us today at 908-222-8980 and set up your appointment. You can also schedule using the contact form right on our website. When your foot pain or wound is a thing of the past, you’ll be glad you came to us!

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