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We understand: trying to find the right specialist to take care of a nagging foot or ankle problem can be stressful. You have many options available, but it’s often difficult to find out the kind of information you’re really looking for—is this doctor going to fix my problem? Is she going to understand what I’m going through? Is she going to really listen to me and offer me solutions that make sense for my lifestyle?

At Ankle & Foot Specialist of New Jersey, we believe the highest quality care is only possible when physician and patient establish a relationship of trust with one another. Dr. Thapar will always put your comfort and peace of mind first, will always listen to all your concerns, and will always warmly receive any feedback or criticism, good or bad. Medicine is a service industry, and everyone on our team is here for one reason—because we want to serve you!

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Have you had a positive experience with Dr. Thapar or any member of our staff? Were we able to help you find a solution to your problem? Did we listen? Did we treat you with the respect, compassion, and consideration you deserve?

If so, we’d appreciate it tremendously if you would take a few minutes to leave a review and briefly share your experience on an online review site. Online reviews and word of mouth help patients in need find us more easily, so if you had a great experience with Dr. Thapar, a few kind words can help others in the same situation find the same relief?

Not sure how, or where, to leave a review? To make it easy, we’ve provided links below to neutral, third-party review sites, as well as a few instructions. Thank you for your honest, candid feedback!

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In addition to its famed search engine, Google is also the world’s most popular provider of maps, information, and reviews for local businesses and medical professionals. Dr. Thapar, as well as the entire Ankle & Foot Specialist of New Jersey, each have official Google listings where you can review practice information and write or read reviews.

If you already have an account with Google, clicking the links below should allow you to sign and leave a review without any fuss. If you don’t, you may have to create one. Don’t worry—it only takes a minute or two and is completely free.

Click here to leave a review for our Warren office

Click here to leave a review for our South Plainfield / Edison office

Click here to leave a review for our Hillsborough office

Please note that you may need to click on “WRITE A REVIEW” at the top or bottom of the left sidebar of the above pages to begin.


The world’s most popular social media network is also, increasingly, becoming an important place for people to interact with businesses and medical offices and post reviews. You can click the link below to navigate to our practice Facebook page, then log in to leave a review. We hope you’ll also decide to become a fan! We post regularly with helpful tips, information, and articles on a variety of topics.

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HealthGrades allows patients to review specific doctors and their staff in a survey format. Log into your HealthGrades account and follow the link below to leave a review for Dr. Jyotsna Thapar. Select “Leave a Review” beside the stars on Dr. Thapar’s profile. If you do not already have an account, you can easily create one for free on the website.

Click here to leave a review for Dr. Thapar


Like HealthGrades, RateMDs is another popular review site for doctors. Once an account has been created on the website, log into your account and click the link below to reach the profile of Dr. Jyotsna Thapar. Select your star ratings and leave a comment. When finished, click the green “Rate This Doctor” box.

Click here to leave a review for Dr. Thapar

Thank you again for taking the time to leave us a review! It means a lot to us. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, or have any other questions, concerns, or comments you’d like to share with us more personally, fill out our contact form online or call either of our offices: (908) 222-8980 for South Plainfield and Edison, or (732) 356-3668 for Warren.

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