Toe Deformity Diagnosis & Treatment

Toe deformities are caused by an imbalance in at least one of the six muscle sets that make up your foot. This imbalance can be caused by injury, disease or flat feet. Each muscle in your foot works to stabilize the bones in your toe and ensure they work properly.

Toe Deformities

Flat feet can cause the flexor muscles in your foot to overtake the other muscles due to the increased length of the foot. If your flexor digitorum bevis begins to contract and buckle upward, you may develop claw toe, which involves your toe bending at a sharp angle at the knuckle. Hammer toe occurs when the outer joints of your toe begin to bend downward. Both conditions can be caused by wearing excessively pointy or narrow shoes or a variety of ailments, such as arthritis, stroke or diabetes. Besides the physical symptoms, you may feel extreme pain in your feet and walking may be difficult. If you begin to notice changes in your feet, you should contact your podiatrist immediately.

Treatment for Toe Deformities in Warren, Hillsborough & South Plainfield, NJ

Treatment for your toe may vary based on the severity and progression of your deformity. If caught early, your toes may be straightened without much difficultly. Your podiatrist will fit your feet for custom orthotics, molded to your exact specifications from arches to length. If your case has progressed, you may require surgical intervention. If left untreated, adhesions may begin to form on your joints, causing your toes to become rigid and unmoving without surgery.

If you believe you are developing a toe deformity, contact Dr. Jyotsna Thapar, the Ankle & Foot Specialist of New Jersey. Dr. Thapar will work with you to develop a treatment strategy that works for you because healing is a team effort. She will work with you throughout the process, from diagnosis to orthotics, surgery and follow-up care. We have three offices conveniently located in Edison, Warren and Hillsborough. You can reach us by phone at 908-222-8980, or use our online form to contact us and set up your appointment. We’ll restore your toes and get you back on your feet in no time!

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